Helpful Tips in Choosing A Preschool in Singapore

There are plenty of preschool programs in Singapore. And choosing the right one for your child is an important step that can hone their early educational experience. Considering the many preschool serangoon options you can choose from, it is important that you know how to narrow down the best choice. Here is a short guideline to help you select the best preschool program for your child.

Look Into Your Options

Start this journey by learning about the many Singaporean preschool options you currently have. Research from a wide range of places. You can use social media or parent discussion groups online. You can also talk to the locals or people you know and see if they can recommend a preschool near you.

Consider Your Priorities

When looking at preschool programs for your child, you have to consider your family’s priorities when it comes to education. This includes the location of the preschool, the teaching philosophy (traditional, play-based, or Montessori), class size, curriculum, language requirements, extracurricular activities, and so on. Knowing what your priorities are can help you narrow down your options.

Take Time to Visit

Most preschools will have a schedule for an ‘open house’ for interested parents. This is when the preschool allows parents or guardians to visit and look at the facilities. Sometimes they will even let parents observe classes. This can help you look into the classroom environment, their teaching methods, and how teachers interact with their preschool students.

Check Out Online Feedback

Reputable preschools nowadays have websites. Use this to your advantage by researching if they have a page or section for comments and ratings. Parents who have a positive or negative experience with a preschool will never miss out on the chance to share their opinions. This can help you look into the preschool’s strengths, areas for improvement, and the student’s and parents’ overall satisfaction levels.

Transition Support

Your child will not stay in preschool forever. They will soon transition to big schools. A good preschool should be able to help prepare your child to adjust to the changes smoothly. Before the transition, the preschool should conduct readiness exams. Their curriculum must offer skills development and assistance that the child needs for primary school. A preschool that can help your child’s transition to primary school will help prepare them for the big change.

Choosing a preschool program in Singapore involves all the steps mentioned above. By considering this guide, you are sure that you are making a well-informed decision. Your child will receive preschool learning that aligns with their needs, personality, and pace of development and learning. As a result, they will have a positive experience that will prepare them to enter primary school.

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