Mastering money- Alex Hermosa’s guide to building a high net worth 


Alex Hormozi is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and real estate mogul who built his fortune through savvy investments and multiple business ventures. His rags-to-riches story serves as inspiration for those looking to grow their wealth. 

Shift your money mindset

The foundation of wealth-building is changing how you think about money. Alex Hormozi net worth for 2024 encourages viewing money mastery as a skill to develop, not a chore. Feel excited about saving and investing, not restricted. Don’t just budget to survive – strategize to thrive. Adopt empowering money beliefs that support your growth.

Educate yourself 

Read voraciously about money management and investing. Learn financial fundamentals like budgeting, credit scoring, tax strategies, and investing options. Mastering money requires knowledge coupled with intentional practice. Develop financial literacy as you would read or math skills. Increase your sophistication as your wealth grows. Become a lifelong student.

Increase your income 

Building wealth requires having capital to invest. Increase your earning power through raises, promotions, certifications, taking on clients, monetizing skills, or starting a business. Develop multiple income streams through passive avenues like investing in dividends or real estate. Save aggressively each month. Make more money to boost what you invest.

Save first, spend second

Pay yourself first by automatically directing a portion of each paycheck into savings and investments. Saving first prevents money from being squandered and lets earnings grow through compounding. Save at least 10-15% of your gross income, then budget expenses with the remainder. Boost savings as income rises. Develop savings habits that become second nature. 

Invest wisely and appropriately 

Use financial vehicles like IRAs, mutual funds, stocks, and real estate to put your savings to work. Invest early and consistently, choosing growth-oriented assets appropriate for your risk tolerance and time horizon. Prioritize investments that can be appreciated significantly over decades. Remain invested through market dips. Let compounding work its magic.

Purchase appreciating assets

Use your income and investment profits to acquire assets likely to gain value, like real estate or a business. Rental properties and equities that pay dividends can provide passive income that boosts your cash flow. Purchase quality assets that serve as inflation hedges and collateral for strategic borrowing that can amplify returns.  

Avoid lifestyle inflation

Lifestyle inflation – spending more as you earn more – is wealth’s silent killer. As income rises, avoid the temptation to inflate your lifestyle at an equal pace. Keep fixed costs low, pursue value-adding expenditures, and boost savings rates. Make mindful purchases aligned with your financial goals, not for social status.

Exploit strategic credit 

Used judiciously, credit lets you enjoy rewards points, consumer protections, and favorable loan terms that amplify wealth-building. Maintain stellar credit by keeping balances low and making payments on time. Leverage credit strategically via low-interest loans to purchase appreciating assets that increase net worth.

Stay disciplined through milestones

Major life events provide chances to spend more. Get married, have kids, and purchase homes and vehicles wisely, keeping long-term priorities top of mind. Share costs when possible and stick to budgets. Celebrate milestones by boosting contributions to investments. Let milestones strengthen, not derail, your wealth-building journey.

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