Is English Tuition Necessary?

English is the essential language for students to know in Singapore because it is the primary teaching medium. A solid command of the language provides pupils with a significant edge in all examinable disciplines. English tuition then allows students to focus on numerous facets of language mastery.

Before aspiring to be a master of the language, whether at PSLE or O Level English, one must first have a solid foundation in writing, reading, and speaking the language.


English instruction improves students’ basic talents by focusing on the many components required to write properly. These include their grammar, vocabulary, and writing abilities.

Tutors may enhance students’ grammar through grammar activities, vocabulary through spelling and interactive learning techniques, and compositional abilities through constant correction of current work by English tutors through English tuition. With skilled English tutors and high levels of English education, English tuition serves a crucial purpose: to reinforce and offer students the preparations they will need to ace the PSLE, O Levels, A Levels, and IB essay components.

English teachers must also be well-versed in current syllabuses to advise their students. Because these are the tested components, English teachers who specialise in O Levels will direct pupils toward editing, letter (situational) writing, and, finally, continuous writing.

A Levels General Paper teachers, on the other hand, will guide students toward argumentative writing styles and current events for the essay component of the exam. Again, the precise preparation instruction supplied by English instructors saves time for pupils to focus more on their shortcomings.

Combined, these provide a superb foundation for pupils to create fluent and engaging English essays to get spectacular scores on paper 1.

Comprehension Abilities

Aside from being able to write well, critical thinking is essential, especially for the comprehension component of English exams. With paper 2 in most significant examinations being oriented upon one’s capacity to assess the provided essay, students need to be educated to extract and analyse the issue present. English tutors help to facilitate this.

They guide and train their skills in this regard. English classes prepare pupils with these specific abilities. In the O Levels, for example, students are expected to analyse the meaning of a specific line as part of a larger piece in the Short Answer Questions component of Paper 2. Furthermore, in the A Levels, students must demonstrate their evaluative and reasoning abilities in the Application Question – the deciding factor.

Speaking Ability

Finally, pupils must be proficient in the language to excel in the topic. English tuition provides a continuous means for pupils to be corrected and develop their English skills. This feature is formalised through oral exams. English classes emphasise the practice of oral questions based on the level to effectively prepare students for the English oral examinations.

The primary abilities necessary for the reading aloud component of the PSLE and O Level examinations are pronunciation and fluency. With the addition of new forms, such as the spoken interaction component, English tuition will reinforce students’ previous knowledge while structuring their replies to demonstrate their ability to reply to provided questions and hold discussions.

This will take the shape of conversational speaking in leisure and business contexts for adult learners. The goal of the sessions is typically to speak fluently in the language daily at the conclusion. This type of English teaching is thus tailored to an individual’s needs based on their lifestyle. For example, a corporate executive’s demands are fundamentally different from those of a housewife learning a language in their sector.

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